Creative Transpirations

Test tubes

I need to reinvent myself and offer new and unusual experiences. To test this I promoted some creative and inspirational parties and this was one the most unforgettable: ‘The stories that our nannies didn’t count’, inspired in a old Brazilian film, where I invited people to relive classics of story tails in a very unusual way.

What they said

For over 15 years, Junior has been working on the issue of experience as a powerful tool for brand building. Today I realize that some of his legendary events were actually great sensory laboratories where we were his beloved guinea pigs. No wonder they are so remembered to this day. The interaction of the playful with the fun and the unexpected is an equation that he performs like no one else.

José Libório Arraes CEO da Zalic Consulting

I was just awesome! Impressive how you managed to think of all the details. Everything to do with the guys from Rio! It was flawless!! I will certainly attend all your events like this for at least the next 10 years...

Patrícia Baldoni Engineer

I went to your party and I came to register that it was MARVELOUS!!! It had been so long since I had had so much fun! I'm crazy about the next one! Congratulations!!!

Renata Rozenbaum Dentist