GloboNews Carnival

Carnival is the biggest popular party in Brazil and gathers thousands of people through the streets to celebrate the life. This project for GloboNews aimed to introduce the brand at the party in a way that amplified the fun and also presented to the public the new collaborative App, called NA RUA.

Our place is on the street!

Brazil was going through yet another political crisis, with many people taking to the streets to protest. With the slogan created ‘Our place is on the street’, the action also reinforced the strength of the people who together can make it rain. To promote this idea, I created a shredded paper shower that made it rain when it reached the weight of 2 to 3 people together.

Let people play and amplify the fun.

That was the secret to make this action fun, unforgettable and also full of likes. Creating different interactions to live and share with friends. Showing all his samba on his feet and standing out for the joy promoted by the participants themselves.