GloboNews Prisma

A branding marketing platform to discuss the future of the society. Gathering journalists, startups and a new audience in a multi-action event. Where the creative idea and content strategic was created to connect new spots and mix news, creativity, art, music and business. The event received more than 10.000 people in São Paulo’s co-workspaces for debates, workshops and concerts, reaching more than 5 million people on streaming platform and TV.


El Ojo de Iberoamérica
Wave Festival
Lusófonos Creativity Awards
Colunistas Awards

CW Felipe Gaúcho, Fábio Maia
AD Daniel Souza, Luna Uaná.
CD Junimba Simões/Ricardo Leme Lopes

“Thanks for the partnership. It's in the middle of the war that we see who can count on! Thank you again and see you next time to spin-off our ideias from the paper.”

Fabio Maia Creative Write at Geometry