Saturday is the FreeLanda World Day.

When the pedal is the law!

Every Tuesday the alarm clock rings at 6am. On Thursdays? Same thing. Saturday? Saturday is #FreeLanda World Day! Is every week like this? Yes! Every week. Don’t get tired, right?! Tired?! For sure is tired, but… You’re crazy! Where are you going? I’m going there on those antennas. By bike? That is danger! It’s falling down! And next week I want to go to that other mountain. Crazy!

In the bakery, an espresso. In the pockets, gel. Between the legs? Gel too. Is every week like this? Yes! Every week. Sometimes has that strong forest smell and always has a amazing view. That good morning with the light head shake. Alright out there? Yep! Thanks. Slow and always, huh?! That’s the secret. 170! Must like to suffer. There is no other explanation.

I can’t explain, just ride!

#FreeLanda is the hashtag parodying the successive attempts of Spanish cyclist Mikel Landa to be team captain and have all the gregarious working for him. Rare fact in his career. But it also summarizes a way to feel free on your bike.

Photos: Junimba Simões
Surprise ride with friends of RIDE in Girona.

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