The news from Eurobike 2019! The biggest bike fair in the world.

Eurobike is the world’s leading trade fair for the bicycle business market and it’s during this event that the Bicycle Industry connects with partners and the mainstream media to showcase their launches and reveal their industry trends and innovations.

In addition to promoting bikes and related products, the event also features a discussion panel called BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION which is called a ‘conference for visionaries’, with the aim of generating synergies between the bicycle industry and unconventional thinkers. Who knows what that means, but I had the opportunity to go there for the first time to closely check out this event and what caught my attention you can check now here and also by the hashtag #junimbanaeurobike on Twitter.

1. Cargo Bikes

In Europe the diversity of options available in this bike category is huge! Cargo bikes are mainly use by the biggest hipsters in town, but in Europe they are also widely used by parents who prefer to take their children in the bike bucket instead of the traditional baby carriage. Options abound…

I was struck by the beautiful bikes from Johansson Bikes and the Japanese trike Stroke with a very interesting solution. The American Tern presented his portfolio for business uses and the German startup Carla Cargo their bucket trailers.

2. Glasses with attached rear view mirror

This is worthy of Dr. Emmett Brown! The TriEye is a sports goggle that comes with an attached mini rearview mirror, that widening your field of view in a simple glance. I have tested and it takes some practice to use it, but the invention has won several awards, including public prominence at Eurobike itself. It’s not the prettiest of glasses, but if it’s for your safety, I think it’s worth the investment, but I warn you: it’s not Eurostyle. 🙂

3. Bikes for kids

Another market that is huge and more developed in Europe compared to others is the children’s bike market. You have different solutions and a virtually endless range of designs for all ages, sizes and styles.

The Sandwich Bikes has a beautiful collection of riding bikes. And I found other inventions that resemble a bike, but deep down I don’t know if they are. 🙂

But my highlight here is the amazing project called Leg & Go Bike. A bike with interchangeable parts and simple assembly that adapts to the growth of a child from 6 months to 6 years! Just wonderful! The project won the gold medal at this year’s IF Awards, the most important award in World Design.

4. The weird new transmission system

One of the great highlights that attracted the most curious eyes of the Fair, was undoubtedly the new Ceramic Speed ​​transmission system. Still in the testing phase, the models presented were still prototypes, but for the first time, the system was also mounted on a Mountain Bike (MTB). I don’t even want to imagine how it works in clay, but I found it weird, noisy and with many cutting areas. I don’t think it’s going anywhere, but it serves as proof that the industry is looking for new solutions for the good old bicycle. Check out how it works here.

5. Indoor Training

The growth of indoor sports is also reflected in the number of applications and new releases for those who like to train at home. Whether due to cold, laziness or weather. And so, new products related to this activity, start to appear to also ‘make the environment better’ and leave your home why not, also all in ‘Eurostyle’.

Your next personal fan

This is the case with Kickr Headwind. ‘The first smart fan of all time and designed with the rider in mind’. Sensor controlled, as the speed or heart rate increases, the fan also increases its power and can exceed 48 km/h! Prepare yourself because you are able to feel downhill the Angliru given the wind in your face.

Training boards

If the graphics of the training simulators are getting better, not always riding the Roller gives the same feeling of riding on the street. And to solve this problem SARIS presented at Eurobike what it promises to be ‘the future of indoor training’. The ‘MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform’ training platform attracted a lot of attention from visitors to turn on the roller closest to the riding on the streets. This is possible by movements in all axes and directions. The feeling is very cool and really close from real. It should enter the market very soon and has already announced price: $ 1200. Check out the video I shot on Eurobike.

Training Rollers

Clear rollers are also increasingly connected, with faster responses and easier assembly. TACX introduced the NEO 2T Smart which has been completely redesigned to give more torque, make less noise and especially with a new way of fitting, much easier to assemble.

6. Folding and Compact Bikes

I would say that folding bikes are starting a second phase in their development. Joining their practicality with electric motors. It’s not an easy task, but I’ve seen good solutions and I think this market is serving more and more people looking for easier, lighter and simplest transportation.

Several Chinese brands also featured their products. Like Feiwel and BESV’s beautiful solution. And I even found a FIAT 500 electric bike.

7. Accessories

The market around the bike is endless! And at Eurobike this is evident in the sheer amount of booths and featured products ranging from vibrant direction indicator bracelets, as in the case of French startup onTracks, as well as products specifically for the female audience like Giro’s shoes, or the Everysight glasses, ‘the computer cycle for people, not bikes’ that features graphic indications that appear as mirage on the lens.

I also highlight the POC Mountain Bike (MTB) back protector and numerous helmet models, like this BELL Aero 720 which will probably be the new Colombian Nairo Quintana’shelmet in his new team (Arkea). It’s nice to observed that the new MIPS protection technology spreads across many models and brands.

The renowned luggage bike brand EVOC, released his new luggage and huge bike bag, the EVOC ROAD BIKE BAG PRO in a shape that should scary the airport counter. I hope you have money for all this!

8. Clothing

Clothing brands were not lacking either. And the marketing and technology embedded in their products make them a truly objects of desire. I was particularly struck by the stand of POC, a brand that has grown more and more in this market with beautiful and excellent products.

9. Peter Sagan

You don’t do a fair or promote a product in this sport if you don’t have Peter Sagan as a ‘Poster Boy’. And it was with him that the 100% sports eyewear brand took the opportunity to announce the ‘Ultra Limited Edition Peter Sagan Speedtrap Featuring 24K’, a super-glasses signed by the Triple World Champion with an impressive 24K gold-coated performance lens!! And that you will have all your money raised for the charity Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). There are only 50 units numbered with commemorative cards individually signed by the Champion. All proceeds will benefit the Foundation and the glasses are already being sold through auction. Want to cast one? Just click here and open the wallet. The next minimum bid of # 3 is only $ 1,650. I think is a good cause! Congrats Peter and 100%!

10. The Super Bikes

To finish, of course the great attractions of an event like this couldn’t be left out: The Super Bikes! Desire of 10 out of 10 cyclists around the world, the big brands presented their releases and all dropped their jaws. Particularly noteworthy is the booming market for ever-increasing E-bikes on both Roads and Mountain Bikes (MTB).

Highlights for beautiful Italians bike De Rosa, such as this Time Trial (TT) prototype and the De Rosa SKdesigned from the design studio responsible for the Ferraris, the great Pininfarina. There were also the ever-beautiful Willier’s, such as the Willier Trestina Cento 10 Hybrid, titled by the brand as ‘the future of e-Roads’ and which won the best eROAD BIKE award at the fair. It really seems like a dream come true.

Of course, the green Bianchi (or blue as you prefer) highlighting the bike TT and Triathlon Acquila CV, used by Primoz Roglic to win the Time Trial (TT) stage and become champion of Vuelta of Spain 2019.

Highlights for e-MTB Bianchi T-Tronik, ‘For a true MTBiker looking for epic days’ and also for the e-Road Bianchi Impulso. But really amazing was the Bianchi e-SUV Rally, with its aggressive design and called by the brand: the ‘disruptive e-MTB’. With 720Wh battery with a frame integrates lights, battery and everything else that looks like come from a Science Fiction movie.

‘Eurobike is really huge! To visit it you need a minimum of two days to be able to see all the spaces, but undoubtedly is the ideal place for all who love bicycles and are interested in news in this market.

Photos: Junimba Simões.
Promotional photos: Leg & Go Bikes and Kickr.

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