What is the Eurostyle?!

Every rider when he starts cycling is a loser. There’s no way! You’ll wear that underwear/panty under that lycra shorts and feel embarrassed in the mirror. For the girls will be easy, but a ‘macho’ will ask: Why this? But if you get lucky, you’ll get to the bottom of the mountain sporting that Decathlon brand on loose jersey and despite the initial discomfort, you’ll soon be proud of the challenge. Go smile and have fun like you haven’t done for a long time. But everyone will know that you started cycling that week. But I tell you this: Go on!

The hardest part will be stop to the pedal. After that you will understand better, but again: Move on! You may ask: Is it a religion? Good thing not! Get millions, but don’t promise to save you! On the opposite, it will bring pain and suffering, but like every good religion, it will also bring peace, health and much pleasure. It will also introduce you to holy friends. It will open horizons and awaken new desires. You might go over to hide the bike shop receipts and even find it reasonable a bike cost the price of a new car. But I say once again: Go on!

Cycling is already considered the new Golf and attracts more and more people who share this common passion to create new relationships and businesses. Of course brands are also looking at that. Especially when it comes to clothing. Without the presence of the big ones like Adidas and Nike, specialty brands like Rapha and POC create new standards of behavior and style that eventually enhance the famous ‘Eurostyle’.

WTF is Eurostyle?!

They say there’s even a booklet with the revised rules on the internet! Others say just wearing white socks in white shoes. That you should not use saddlebag at all and no bottles of over 16,9 fl oz! They also say that there is nothing more Eurostyle than pedaling a Bianchi without gloves. And under no circumstances should you forget your Cap! And of course you should always have your legs shaved!

You don’t do any of that?! Good! I’ll tell you this: F* off Eurostyle!
Bicycle is freedom!

So dress as you want and pedal why it is good for you! Enjoy the wind beating in the face! Go further and further…higher! Challenge yourself! Think about life! Sweat and have fun! Nothing is more important on the bike than having fun! Enjoy and enjoy Eurostyle! Even if you live in Kansas City. What matters is coming home with that unique feeling of feeling alive.

Go ahead and good pedals!

Este texto também foi escrito em Português aqui.

Photos: Junimba Simões, Cyclassics Hamburg and POC pop-up store at Eurobike
Spike Lee image from a NBA Ad comercial.