The difficult task of reinventing itself.

Last Sunday, I started perhaps the biggest challenge of my life: I moved to Germany! The marriage was gone, the children did not come and I found myself lost and alone. To try to heal my wounds, I first went out from the ‘Carioca Bermuda Triangle’: there between Flamengo, Botafogo and The Oliveira’s Hot Dog. And all at once, there were gone Lamas, Fuska and Cobal do Humaitá.

When I saw myself, I was in Copacabana, meeting on my religious pedals through the mountains of Rio and diving in Arpoador. I have found that tears, sweat and the sea work miracles: salt water is perfect for reassuring your heart and mind. And living in Posto 6 was like moving out of the Town. For the second time, in fact. At seven, Salvador had already been left behind aboard a blue Fiat 147 panty, lying with my brothers and nanny, on a mat under the folded benches of my Father’s metal treasure. Even today in the mechanic.

And now, Berlin! Junimba in Berlin ?! Unbelievable! Even to me. I arrived on a Sunday night and the thermometers read 9ºC. But it is barely dawn and I wake up scared by the loud noise of the rains of Rio that shatter the panes of my heart. Horrible scenes from a secular problem of this city that insists on living under the fringes of its Forest. The rains took lives, hopes and my longing. I get many messages from friends saying that the city was crying at my departure. Where’s Junimba? I was also asking myself this question. And it wasn’t from today… The most beautiful and badly made bike path in the world, fell for the 4th time! It is also unbelievable. Then came the 80 shots and I couldn’t resist. I cried too. So far, so no one can see that I cry too.

But long before I arrived in Berlin, and without working for any major agency, I was surprised to be named among the Top 10 Art Directors 2018 by the Columnists Award. But on that same day of the awards, I was embarking on a voyage of discovery in Europe, but afraid of losing the prize, I did not warn that I could not attend. My brother went to my place and the next day the producer sends me a message surprised by the difference to my photo of disclosure. We laugh together! But my brother deserved this award too. Maybe more than me. My brother is my Hero!

In this trip to Europe and into myself, there were many pains, loves, opportunities, discoveries and a new world of possibilities, trying to get closer to myself and dedicating myself to what is good for me to move on.

I am a freelance designer, biker, lifeaholic and passionate about creating experiences. Professionally, they call it Live Marketing. And that’s how I try to face life. Creating moments and emotions for people to party, live and share their experiences. I share mine here, believing that I can inspire other people as well, even though I often hide my own sadness behind my white smile.

But when the stage light comes on, the show begins and the show has to go on. Not always being sure of the way, but keeping me curious, believing in the encounters and trying to reinvent myself each day. Like this new phase in Berlin.

We keep believing. Rio.

Esse texto também está disponível em português aqui.